New in aNewSpring - Oktober 2013

Let your learners work together in groups

We often get the question if it's possible to let learners work together on a learning activity in aNewSpring. This can be very useful when you are dealing with study groups within a larger group of learners. Great news: our upcoming platform update makes this possible! 

On Thursday the 31st of October we will launch a new version of the aNewSpring platform, from then you will be able to open an activity for a specific group of learners. Give a condition to the activity and add the learners that are in the group together. This way they can collaborate on (for example) assignments, lessons or discussions. 

This screenshot is a design. The actual page may differ from this example.

Every student his own learning path

Since it's now possible to grant students access to activities, every student can get a personal learning path. An administrator can choose to grant a student access to activity A and C, but not to B. But of course activity B can still be made available for other students. aNewSpring now makes it easy to create a learning path per student within the same course.

This screenshot is a design. The actual page may differ from this example.

Other aNewSpring optimizations

At aNewSpring we are constantly optimalizing our platform. This time we improved the following things:

  • When it is not possible to publish or test a template, the button Publish or Test now shows you the reason for that.

  • After creating a content library you will directly be brought to the page where you can manage the content. This is done to create a better content development flow for you.

  • After you published a template when having the administrator role you will be brought to the courses page directly. From here you create a course, then edit settings and subscribe students to this new course.

  • We switched the Courses and Content tabs. This in preparation for a future development, which will make it possible to create content directly from within a course template.
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