Release notes 103 - December 2023

Release 103 notes

aNewSpring for trainers

The release is expected on December 19th.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Improvements are made in the learning journey (overview with all activities) and in the player regarding keyboard accessibility and screen reading services.

    • Including the notes functionality in the player.

Block - Flexibility with the explanation for blocks

  • Improved: More possibilities to display the block explanation are added.

    • You can choose to have the explanation above or beneath the name of the block;

    • Have a border around the content of the explanation;

    • And, decide whether the explanation should collapse and expand with the whole block.

Alert - Notify learners before they are automatically logged out

  • Added: When the automatic logout setting for learners is enabled, you can choose to notify them in advance with a selected time via an alert.

LTI - Integration with LTI tool in version 1.3

Note: this feature will go live in January 2024

  • Added: You can play courses from your aNewSpring environment on external platforms using LTI version 1.3.

    • All possibilities available with version 1.1 as the provider are also available with version 1.3.

    • You can register with other LTI platforms via the environment settings.

Content info - Extra explanation within questions and content parts

  • Improved: We enhanced the way you select the extra info in the content parts, questions and answers. Now, instead of a persistent dropdown list, you can easily do it from a clear pop-up window.

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