Release notes 100

The release is expected on May 23.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: The aNewSpring platform allows learners to interact and navigate through the learning environments by only using their keyboard.

    • This includes the ability to see which actionable item is on focus at the moment.

    • The changes are also applied to the following places:

      • The results overview page.

      • The learner and instructor list pages.

      • The main navigation of the activity player, including the documentation activity type, content parts and the Fill in the Blanks and Matching question types being fully keyboard operable.

  • Added: The colour of the border around components focused by keyboard can be customised in the look & feel.


Learners - ReCaptcha for forms

  • Added: The reCaptcha validation is added for certain forms to increase the secureness of the platform.

    • Sending support messages via the ‘Help’ button.

    • Sending a reaction after an error has occurred.


  • Added: The ability to filter the content in the content library based on the tags.

  • Improved: The ID of the questions and content parts won’t be shortened anymore in the content library.

Lesson and documentation - Hide the index page

  • Added: The ability to hide the index page in the lesson and documentation activity types.


  • Added: The ability to send notifications to learners when a course is added to the bundle.

    • This email content ‘Bundles - course added’ can be customised.

  • Improved: The maximum input for the description is expanded to 510 characters.

API - Retrieving archived users

  • Added: The ability to retrieve archived users with the “getUser/{userID}” and “getUsers” api GET calls.

  • Changed: The ability to remove the date of birth by keeping the date of birth field empty in the /addOrUpdateUser call and the /updateUser call.

Template - Minimise and maximise blocks

  • Added: The ability to minimise the blocks as a designer. These blocks can be maximised again. Minimising or maximising blocks as a designer has no influence on the learner’s experience.

Template notifications

  • Improved: A confirmation message will be shown after a toggle in the header is updated.


  • Added: The ability to instantly turn on (or off) instructor notifications for all the activities within the course or within the same block.

  • Added: The ability to instantly turn off (or on) all activities within a course.

  • Added: The ability to delete a learners course subscription (regardless of the learners state) from within the course.

Moderation - Moderate learners

  • Added: Moderators have the possibility to view and moderate all activities per learner as well.

    • For the hand-in and video hand-in assignment, essay questions in assessments and the external and webinar activities.


  • Improved: The version of the hand-in assignment tends to switch when a learner’s file is deleted. This is not the case anymore.


  • Added: When viewing events instructors can also see in which course and activities the event is used.

  • Added: When looking at a learners result page, instructors and observers can:

    •  navigate to the course dashboard by clicking on ‘view course dashboard’,

    • also see courses from the learner that they haven’t started yet.

Unrenewable licences

  • Improved: We’ve automated the process of handling users licences that cannot be renewed due to no licences being available in the platform. We notify the tenants by email of the learners whom their user licence cannot be renewed. If no action takes place within 15 days then we archive the learners.

Consistency - Improve user experience

  • Improved: The arrangement of the ‘create’ and ‘select existing’ action buttons is revisited. At all places, the ‘create’ action will be on the left and the ‘select existing’ action on the right.

  • Improved: The confirmation pop up when deleting a user at the overview page is updated to our standards.

  • Improved: The tooltip that instructors see at the ‘To assess’ icon has been improved to show the exact numbers of activities to assess or the number of assessments to review. 

  • Improved: We have clarified some explanation text for the ‘after a learner has been granted explicit access’ condition.

  • Improved: We’ve specified the buttons ‘select content’ in the activity to mention ‘select content’ when the designer can add both content and questions and ‘select question’ when they can just add questions.

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