Release notes 98

The release is expected on January 3.


  • Improved: Certain elements in the learning environment are adjusted to improve readability and accessibility.

    • The additional bars (advice and MemoTrainer) are made smaller.

    • More spacing has been added between the additional bars, the activities and the course widgets.

    • The course widgets are also made smaller.

    • Lastly, the buttons also became smaller when no personalisations were made in the look & feel editor.

Events - Managing learners

  • Added: Administrators have an overview of enrolled events for users with the learner role. Including the date the event takes place and through which course the registration was made.

    • Added: The ability to unenroll the learners from their events via this overview.

  • Added:  In the Events tab, a tooltip has been added in the ‘In Use’ column. This makes visible the courses to which the event has been added.

  • Improved: The ability to edit the content of the “Unenroll learners from events” email notification.

  • Improved: The ability to edit the content of the “Transfer learners to another event” email notification.

Environment settings

  • Improved: The ability to decide when learners should be able to enter access codes.

    • When they are logged in, logged out, or in both cases.

  • Improved: The ability to decide when demo products should be available in the catalogue.

    • When learners are logged in, logged out, or in both cases.

Look & Feel

  • Added: The possibility to select themes for the look & feels.

    • Three predefined themes are available to choose from when creating a new look & feel or when modifying an existing look & feel.


  • Improved: When assessing a hand-in assignment, Word and PDF files will be opened in a new tab instead of having to download the files first.


  • Added: The ability for administrators, instructors and observers to include the moderation data in the export of the (template and) course statistics.

    • The name and date of the assessors.

    • The name, date and result of the moderators.

    • The ‘exported by’ and export date.

  • Added: Instructors will be notified within the platform and by email when their assessment is reviewed.

  • Added: Moderators will be notified by email when the instructor changed the assessment which was reviewed by the moderator.

  • Changed: The reviewed assessments will be counted in the indications (red dot) for the instructors.

  • Improved: The ‘Moderate’ button in the dashboard will change to a secondary button when no actions are required.

  • Improved: The columns at the moderate flow are now sortable.

Reporting engine - Date of subscription

  • Added: The option to include the date of subscription in the “Results” type of reports.

API - Archive users

  • Changed: The ability to archive or dearchive users with the “addOrUpdateUser” and “updateUser” api calls.

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