Release notes 97

The release is expected on October 25.


Learners - Events

  • Added:  The already ended events are not shown by default anymore in the event activities. Learners have the ability to view (or hide again) the already ended events.


  • Added: The ability to review assessments that instructors gave to the learners, and mark those.

    • The observers can have the moderation permission for each individual course.

    • Moderators can review the instructor’s assessment from the activity types:

      • Assessment 

      • Hand-in assignment

      • Video hand-in assignment 

      • External activity

      • Webinar

    • The assessment window for these activity types are also improved.

      • Headers in between the sections are added to improve the scannability.

      • The elements within this window are updated to provide a better user experience.

    • Moderators can give an ‘Upheld’ or ‘Not upheld’ for those reviews.

Activities - Published assessment

  • Improved: Designers have the ability to add new questions, or hide existing questions, in published assessments.

    • These changes will only affect assessment-attempts that aren’t started or completed yet.

    • Designers will be informed about the consequences and the changes.

    • Course and content statistics will be updated accordingly.

Activities - Creating

  • Improved: The flow for creating new activities is updated with better icons and a new way to inform users about the different activity types.

Questions - Creating

  • Improved: The flow for creating new questions is renewed with better information about the different question types.

    • All knowledge and evaluation types are also shown within one glance.


  • Added: A condition with the ability to set blocks and activities available, after the learner has spent an amount of time in the course.


  • Improved: The already ended events, with an “Open” enrolment, will be automatically “Closed” in the next day.


  • Added: The ability to add conditions within the bundles/bundle courses.

Adding users - Security

  • Changed: The “force user to change password on next login” option is enabled by default, when the password of the user is created or changed by someone else.

    • This is changed when creating or updating users in the platform, and while importing users.

    • It is still possible to turn off the option manually.

Delete learners

  • Improved: Administrators can see who the learners are, when using the option “Delete learners without a course”.

User Experience improvements

  • Improved: The warning pop-up for updating content in a published lesson activity is revisited.

  • Improved: The subscribed courses and learner groups of a learner, when managing the role, are now loaded separately to speed up the performance.

LTI configurations

  • Added: The ability to add a Referer to each LTI configuration, so that configuration only works via the entered referring URL.

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