Release notes 96

The release is expected on August 9.

Learners - Home page

  • Changed: The statuses of the course subscriptions, ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’, are changed to ‘Started’ and ‘Ended’.

  • Improved: The actions and flow description, for ending/restarting a course subscription, are updated with the correct statuses.

Learners - Learning journey overview

  • Improved: Widget 'About this course' has been changed to ‘Subscription’. Learners can end the subscription via that widget when this is set in the course.

Learners - Activity player

  • Improved: After answering a question, the learner’s view scrolls back to the answer section, instead of the question section.

  • Added: The option to insert code snippets for essay questions.

  • Improved: The Question number is aligned with the rest of the text.

  • Improved: The text colour of the question feedback is changed to a fixed dark grey colour to maintain readability at all times.

  • Improved: The ReadSpeaker reader functionality is updated with a new interface and extra settings.

Learners - Profiles & competencies

  • Added: A competence now contains suggestions of catalogue products that contain courses linked to the same competency.

  • Improved: After learners have achieved a competency, the expiry date is immediately visible.

Learners - Communication centre

  • Added: Personal messages and announcements can be permanently deleted from the trash bin.

Content library

  • Added: The ability to export individual questions, content areas or folders via the pages tab.


  • Improved: Widget 'About this course' has been changed to ‘Subscription’.

Template notifications

  • Added: The ability to send a notification at a specific date. 

Evaluation questions

  • Added: Authors can add feedback to an evaluation question. Learners will only see this within lessons, after answering the question.

Lesson activity

  • Added: Lesson activities can now also contain evaluation question types.

    • The option to show a text that informs learners the evaluation questions have no right or wrong answer.

    • The option to allow learners to edit their given answers to evaluation questions at all times.

    • Authors can add specific feedback per evaluation question, similar to how feedback is given for knowledge questions.

    • Answers given to evaluation questions can be checked on the instructor’s dashboard.

    • Learners are informed when they need to save their answer to an evaluation question.


Mentor > Observer

  • Improved: The user role ‘Mentor’ has been renamed to ‘Observer’.

  • Added: Adding observer groups in courses will be done in a new ‘Observer’ tab, where all observers of the selected group will also be visible.

Text editor

  • Added: The option to insert code snippets in the text editor.

Communication centre

  • Added: Personal messages can be permanently deleted from the trash bin.

  • Added: Announcements can be permanently deleted from the trash bin.

    • The sender of the announcement can also delete it for every receiver.

Licence balance

  • Added: Tenants have the ability to set up an email notification to be informed when the balance drops below a certain level. 


Course settings

  • Improved: The tab “configure learner conditions” is now called “explicit access”.

API - Bundles

  • Added: The ability to subscribe a learner to bundle courses via API.

Reporting engine

  • Added: The ability to create reports with information about who was responsible for logging out the user’s session.

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