Release notes 94

Learners - aNewSpring app

  • Added: The general and social notifications are available in the aNewSpring mobile app.

    • A notification page is added to the mobile app.

    • Learners navigate to the right activity via the general and social notifications.

    • Social notifications for discussions on learning journey level and about calendar items are not accessible yet in the mobile app.

      • Learners are informed about these actions.

  • Added: The ability to turn on or off the mobile app push notifications for each category, including MemoTraining reminders.

  • Changed: The push notifications about the daily calculated activities are now sent at 09:00 local time.

  • Added: The ability to change the push notification timing of which the MemoTraining reminders will be sent.

  • Improved: The block content in the mobile app is optimized, which results in faster loading of the learning journey content.

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Automatic logout

  • Added: The tenant user can set or change the inactive duration for each role.

  • Changed: The administrator and tenant users setting is enabled by default and set to 30 minutes.

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Profiles & competencies

  • Added: The ability to search for profiles in the profile overview.

  • Added: The ability to search for competencies in the competency overview.

  • Added: The ability to search for competencies within the profile.

  • Added: The ability to search for competencies within the competency collection.

  • Added: The ability to search for competency collections in the collection overview.

  • Improved: Administrators are informed why they aren’t able to link the competency to an already linked certificate activity.

  • Improved: Administrators are informed when a profile, a competency or a competency collection is successfully created or deleted.

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Course tiles 

  • Added: The ability to sort the course tiles on the learner’s homepage, based on the subscription date. (You can ask the support team to set this feature)

Catalogue product

  • Changed: Purchasing or adding products, without being a learner, will give you the learner role. This action can cost a license. 

  • Improved: Updating a product with an access code group will display the correct feedback message.

Platform improvements

  • Improved: Textual changes are made to provide a clear explanation.

    • The alert message about the external ID in the bundle (course) is explaining the situation better.

    • When publishing the template, the ‘course type’ is changed to ‘purpose of the template’ in the confirmation overview.

    • The title of the learner’s result page is adjusted for the instructors.

  • Improved: Different visual elements are changed to create consistency and a better overview.

    • The statuses of the 360° feedback assessment are shown in the same format.

    • The plus-editor options are revisited.

    • The payment option is shown in the print order view.

    • The ‘update’ button in the product renaming flow is only available when a new name is entered.

    • The error that is shown when double-clicking certain update buttons is solved.

  • Improved: The most relevant version is shown when opening a hand-in assignment assessment.

  • Improved: The last viewed pagination is remembered per executed report.


  • Added: The API call ‘deleteTemplate’ to delete existing templates.

  • Changed: The response of the following 2 API calls are updated.

    • ‘Courses’ is changed to ‘users’ with /getStudentTeachers.

    • ‘Courses’ is changed to ‘users’ with /getTeacherStudents.

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