Release notes 93


  • Added: An overview for the profiles and competencies when the learner has access to one (or multiple) profile(s).

    • Switching between the overview with the courses and the overview with the profiles.

    • The progress of the profiles and the competencies are displayed.

    • Search on the profiles and competencies.

    • Multiple ways to sort on profiles.

  • Added: An overview per competency on which courses the learner can do to obtain that competency.

    • The progress of the competency and course(s) are displayed.

  • Added: The mentioned features are available on the desktop version and in the mobile app.

Profiles and competencies

  • Added: Option to turn the profiles and competencies features on or off for the whole environment.

  • Added: Able to use profiles.

    • Able to create profiles with a name and description.

    • Overview of profiles.

    • Able to manage profiles.

      • Adding competencies to the profiles.

      • Assigning learners to the profiles. 

      • Selecting instructor and mentor groups for the profiles.

  • Added: Able to use competencies.

    • Able to create competencies with a name and description.

    • Overview of competencies.

    • Able to manage competencies.

      • Link competencies to certificate activities on a template or course level.

  • Added: Able to use competency collections.

    • Able to create competency collections with a name.

    • Overview of competency collections.

    • Able to manage competency collections.

  • Added: Permission for the administrator role to be able to use profiles and competencies.

Reporting Engine

  • Added: A new reporting type for getting the progress of the profiles and competencies.

    • Available for administrators, instructors and mentors.


  • Added: Existing bundles courses can be added in the access code groups.


  • Changed: The actions and statuses of the user subscriptions are clarified.

    • The subscription is ‘new’ when the user hasn’t started with the course yet.

    • The subscription is ‘started’ when the user has started with the course.

    • The subscription is ‘ended’ when the subscription is ended by the administrator.

    • The subscription is ‘expired’ when the expiration date has passed.

Platform improvements

  • Improved: When activating multiple subscriptions for a learner only one alert message will be shown.

  • Improved: A user with the administrator, reseller and/or tenant role(s) won’t be able to remove their own administrator, reseller and/or tenant role(s).

  • Improved: Instructors can navigate back to the overview of all their assessments after assessing a 360º feedback activity.

  • Improved: Switching from sub-environments at the archived products doesn’t relocate the user to another page.

Session duration

  • Changed: The session duration for the administrator and tenant roles is set to 30 minutes.

  • Added: Session duration for each role can be determined by aNS support.


  • Added: The name of the template is displayed as a parameter in the ‘getCourse’ API call.

  • Added: API call ‘getSkillProfiles’ to retrieve all the existing profiles.

  • Added: API call ‘addSkillProfileUsers’ to add learners to a profile.

  • Added: API call ‘deleteSkillProfileUsers’ to remove learners from a profile.

  • Added: API call ‘getStudentSkillProfiles’ to retrieve the results of a profile.


  • Improved: aNS support is able to enable each single webhook.

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