Release notes - March 2021


  • Added: An alternative view of learning objectives for adaptive blocks in the learning journeys.

    • Completed activities are shown beneath the adaptive blocks.

    • The advice in the learning journey is showing the learning objectives which the activity is contributing to.

    • For both desktop and mobile access.

  • Added: The selected assessment terms and colours are visible to the learners.

  • Improved: The status of an activity is shown in the result overview.

  • Added: Learners can see the given feedback for each scoring criterion.


  • Added: Extra settings for showing the adaptive blocks. 

  • Added: A new condition is added for template blocks and activities about achieving specific progress with a learning objective.

Form en reflection activity

  • Added: Set an estimated duration for the form and reflection activities.

LTI in external activity

  • Added: The option to send the administrator role via LTI.

Assessment scheme

  • Added: The settings to change the assessment terms and colours.

    • On environment and template level.

  • Improved: The selected assessment terms and colours are adjusted through the whole environment.

    • The already achieved assessments will also be adjusted.

    • Executing a report again will change the assessment terms to the current terms.

Scoring criteria

  • Improved: You can provide feedback for each scoring criterion.

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