Launch of aNewSpring for trainers

"Can aNewSpring also be used by independent trainers?”. It’s a question we get often. And although the answer was yes, it wasn’t optimised for independent trainers. On May 21 we’ve launched a completely new version of aNewSpring. And, not coincidentally, it’s called aNewSpring for Trainers.

A strong focus on learning

Since aNewSpring’s inception in 2003, many features have been added, mostly for training providers. Many features that are added are aimed at helping the participants learn by offering them a unique and diverse learning journey. Also, many features were added to help training providers organise the various learning journeys, report on those learning journeys, and manage the various roles within the aNewSpring learning journey platform.

Why create a version for trainers?

Trainers prefer to work with aNewSpring because of the many features which they can use to help the participants learn. But trainers don’t need the various features to organise the learning, features like multiple back-end roles (administrators, authors, designers, instructors), customisable reports, multiple look & feels for different brands, and sub-environments. In aNewSpring for trainers, most features that have to do with ‘organising’ learning are simplified while all the features that are related to learning are available.

Starting a blended or online course

Trainers who would like to get more out of their classroom, blended or online training are invited to use aNewSpring for Trainers. The learning platform has been made much more accessible. With the platform, trainers can create and publish their first online or blended training relatively easily.

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