aNewRelease 80: release notes

June 2019 - release 80


  • Search function enhanced for learners on home page:
    • Searches on block name, activity name and section name.
    • By clicking on search result, learner will be navigated to requested information (block to block, activity to activity and section to section).
    • Learner can directly navigate back to search result.


  • Now possible to add the following conditions at activities and/or blocks:
    • Until "X" period has passed after completing activity "X"
    • Until "X" period has passed after completing block "X"
    • Until a retention of "X"% is reached


  • Option added at managing events, at activity tab at course.
    • Enroll learners directly to the event when they start with the course.


  • Search function added to the (custom) aNewSpring app(s).


  • LTI provider tools: optional to receive progress instead of score.
  • External ID added to content libraries
  • API-calls added in which you can (un)link designers and authors to content libraries:
    • POST /linkAuthorToContentLabels/{userID}/
    • POST /linkDesignerToContentLabels/{userID}/
    • POST /unlinkAuthorFromContentLabels/{userID}/
    • POST /unlinkDesignerFromContentLabels/{userID}/
  • Submanagement
    • (Un)link subenvironments from look & feels.
    • Filter on subenvironments at look & feels.
    • Automatically link new look & feels to active subenvironments and unlink all subenvironments that are linked to look & feels, to which you have access as (sub)tenant admin rights.

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