Release notes 77 English


  • The instructor overview page is renewed:
    • New interface
    • Name of the course is now clickable
    • Latest search query and amount of courses are remembered on the page
    • Sorting now works across all pages that list courses, instead of a single page
    • New filter button to filter on favorite / non favorite courses
  • Shadowing courses has been adjusted:
    • Starting and continuing with shadowing via instructor page has been changed
    • Stop with shadowing now within the shadowed course
  • Assessing has been optimized:
    • The assessment modal has been updated with new elements:
      • Light score containers
      • responsive behaviour
      • 'Assess and next' button
    • The drop-down for scoring has been replaced with a score spinner. This spinner works as following:
      • Manually add score
      • Scrolling with mouse wheel
      • Using the keyboard arrow
      • Clicking on the 'up' and 'down' buttons in the spinner
      • Better validation check
    • Possibility to adjust score and feedback of:
      • Essay questions
      • (video) hand-in assignment
      • External activities
      • Webinars
    • Possibility to add attachments to assessments of webinars and external activities. This can also be added or changed when reassessing.


  • Check box added to the following activities to indicate if these are reassessable (checked by default):
    • Essay questions in lessons, assignments and assessments
    • (video) hand-in assignments
    • External activities
    • Webinars
  • You can now add and description at an external and webinar activity


  • Readspeaker Doc reader added. Only when ReadSpeaker is enabled.


  • Possibility to change assessor of (video) hand-in assignment when it is handed-in. Only available before assessing.
  • Receive a notification when an assignment has been reassessed.
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