Release notes 76


  • New editor (The CKEditor 4)


  • New editor (The CKEditor 4)
    • Some editors are changed to an in-line version to save extra clicks, such as answers and feedback
  • Content part - Made more clear that title is optional


  • Activity - Able to add and hide content in published state:
    • Lesson
  • Activity - If content is added/hidden at activity, a warning with confirmation option appears
  • Activity - Able to change the order of pages in published state:
    • Assignment
    • Lesson
    • Evaluation (360 feedback, Scan and Inquiry)
  • Activity - Merge the random assessment into the assessment activity
    • Works the same but now in single activity type
    • Able to create an assessment with random question but without exam terms
  • Activity - Content parts are still visible after completing an evaluation type activity
  • Page structure is added to the evaluation activities
  • Template settings - ‘Hide new activities and blocks’ setting is off by default
  • Template testing - Changing the stop testing link to a button to make it more clear
  • Add beta flag on video hand-in assignment


  • Text - Change text of purchasing license


  • Add a loading page when the new environment is being created, instead of a empty white page

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