Portfolio is here! + conditions for (re)certification and many more!

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Learners can create and share a portfolio

Learners have been achieving great results using the aNewSpring platform, and more often than not, they are really proud of those results! With the implementation of the brand new portfolio, we have created a platform for the learners to show and share these results, even if these results are obtained outside of aNewSpring.

A learner can create a portfolio with all kinds of results. For example, certificates, tests, lessons or events. This portfolio can then be shared to show others their results or skills.

The portfolio can also be used as an attachment to a resume to give insight into the training and results of a learner. It's a great place for a student to show other people their work and to reflect on it. There is also room for attachments and descriptions of the portfolio items. The learner can edit the layout of the portfolio and generate a shareable link to give to others. Without the link, no one will have access, not even the instructor. 

We are sure there are many more concepts in which a portfolio can be helpful. We would love to hear your ideas and the possible applications of this feature. Please let us know!

Please note: The portfolio is disabled by default and can be turned on under the Settings tab.

(Re)certification made easy

Many clients use aNewSpring for (re)certification. We really like that and we wanted to optimise this concept for our customers by adding two conditions:

  • You can make an activity/block available after a specific amount of time after completing an activity/block 
  • You can also hide an activity/block after a specific amount of time after completing an activity/block

This way, you can make sure that, for example one year after obtaining a certificate, a new block to recertify could become available. You can also hide the old block with the expired certificate.

Administrator permissions have changed 

With the latest release, an administrator can no longer change his own permissions. Only another administrator can. In this way, we make sure that the structure of permissions is better managed and administrators cannot see things they have no rights to.

The MemoTrainer app will be removed from app stores

The MemoTrainer app will not be updated after the latest release. It will also be removed from the app stores. Learners who have already installed it can keep using it. We do recommend letting learners work with the aNewSpring app since the aNewSpring app does receive the updates and is future-proof. This aNewSpring app is also free to use for learners. Did you know that you can also have your own, branded aNewSpring app? Read more here.

Other optimisations

  • Notifications from the notification engine will not be sent to learners after they have finished the 'Course completing activity'.
  • The 'Base course grade on' option can now be changed after publication.
  • A warning message when deleting student subscriptions has been added.
  • The text and sequence of conditions are optimised.
  • The 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons are optimised in the assess flow for instructors.
  • Overall optimisations of the app.
  • Security optimisations of the platform have also been implemented.

Take a look at our release notes here.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please don't hesitate to contact support!

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