Release notes 74


  • Now possible to view the privacy statement you have added to the platform when an user logs in or when an account is being created.


  • Now able to add notifications per template, which are send based on conditions you have set.


  • Instructor can now view per learner what needs to be assessed, not just by activity. This makes it easy for an instructor to view all work that has been handed-in by the learner and view it again later as well.


  • Now able to add a privacy statement to each (sub)environment, per language.
  • HTST option at the HTTPS options at advanced settings.


  • 'Privacy by default'. Only the first name, 'middle name', last name, e-mail address and password are visible by default at new (sub)environments).
  • Navigation enhanced: consistency within the platform navigation with new 'header' and bread crumbs.
  • API-calls getStudentTeachers and getTeacherStudents added.
  • All users that are added to aNewSpring, via any entrance save API, will now be linked to their respective subenvironment (only for sub admin management).
  • LTI configuration: link added if a custom paramater is not available

Thanks guys. There are some really great features here, especially the notification engine.

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