Release notes 72

December 2017 - release 72


  • Login screens changed. Login box and access code box seperated
  • Login flow for learner improved (create account)
  • Learner sees orange status at feedback questions, if threshold is set for question and not all correct answers have been given
  • Documentation activity always shows table of contents when opened
  • Hand-in button hand-in assignment placed under assignment description
  • Hand-in button hand-in assignment now visible and disabled, when there is no instructor linked to a course yet
  • QR code option visible in the custom apps and MemoTrainer app
  • When the learner creates an account, it is now more clear what information might be missing
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Bold, underline and italic) are prevented in the Fill in the blank questions


  • Add threshold to question types: multiple choice, fill in the blanks - text, fill in the blanks - drag & drop and matching


  • Add exam terms to questions which have been linked to templates, but do not yet have an exam term
  • Make external activity available in personal learner advice (optional)
  • Create QR code specific for activity. Scan this code in the MemoTrainer or custom app to go directly to that activity
  • The announcement widget is removed (had no function any more)


  • Export of certificates: if certificate acquired you now see 'yes' instead of '...'


  • When importing users via Excel, force password change when user logs in for the first time


  • When updating a catalogue product, remain on the same page instead of navigating back to overview


  • When reporting on learner groups, the reporting engine only shows courses related to that learners groups
  • Able to select certificate code in certificate type of reports
  • Force password change via addUser/updateUser calls in our API
  • Block name shown in getResults via API
  • Changes have been made to improve performance on the course overview and content overview pages, due to increased usage of these pages
  • Tenants can make an export of the balance-mutations with the filtered selection

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