New in aNewSpring: Certificate overview, expiry dates and more!

On April 19th released the 61st version of aNewSpring. This time we will release extra so-called 'quick wins' next to our planned projects. These quick wins are small adjustments that will improve the usability of the platform for the better. With the coming releases we will continue to implement these quick wins to continuously improve the usability of the platform. Have fun reading!

Certificate expiry date and certificate overview

Our clients indicated that they would like to have more information about certificates, especially the possibility to add an expiry date to certificates. It is now possible to put an expiry date on certificates.


To give a better insight into these expiry dates, we have decided to create a brand new certificate overview. The overview can be found on the results page of the learner. For the learner (and instructor) it is is possible to see at a glance which certificates are still valid, which require renewal and which have been expired.


Now also possible to add content parts to evaluation activities

Adding content parts to evaluation-type activities has been a feature request for some time. Good news! With this release it is possible to add content parts to these types of activities (Scan, Inquiry and 360° feedback).

Testing activities separately

To test a single activity you had to go through the entire template in test mode. At times this could be quite time consuming because of conditions for example. This release makes it possible to test activities individually. That saves a lot of time! To test an activity, click 'Edit'. At the right-hand corner you will see 'Update and test'.

Choosing the delimiter when importing CSV files

When importing CSV files in aNewSpring the semicolon needs to be used as a standard. However, users of new Windows systems (8 and higher) and our customers outside of The Netherlands sometimes use the comma as the delimiter because of the standard settings of Excel in those cases. iOS (Mac) usersalways use the comma as the delimiter. It will be made possible now to choose between the comma and semicolon when importing a CSV file in aNewSpring. Please check the format of your file before importing it into aNewSpring so things work out in one go.

Some extra changes in aNewSpring:

  • Adaptive blocks are made better visible in the learning journey
  • Instructor groups selected as a standard in the group overview
  • Possible to rename learning objectives and sections after publication of template
  • Select all content libraries at the 'Roles' of a user
  • We improved the visibility of extending subscriptions with an alternative end date
  • The term ‘Teacher’ will be replaced with ‘Instructor’ throughout the platform
  • A page remembers your preference of the amount of results you would like to see
  • The term 'Personal data' will be renamed ‘Account settings’

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