Back end gets a makeover!

Tuesday February 23rd there will be a new release of the aNewSpring platform. Below you will find the contents of this release:

Back end menu has been moved

After conducting user tests we learned the switch from the back end to the front end was not always clear for users.

That is why we chose to make the developers menu available when a developer moves to the student view. This way you know exactly where you are in the platform. The menu is shown below the student menu and can be hidden by clicking on the cogwheel in the menu. This way you can still have the real student view.

Back end gets a makeover

In 2015 we focussed on the front end (student side) of the platform. The front end received a makeover and the response from our customers was great! The coming months the focus will be more on the back end (developer side) of the platform.

The first steps will be that the developers (author, designer, administrator) will see some nice improvements on the back end look & feel.The back end will get a consistent and modern look. We also made optimisations to make it faster and easier to improve the usability in the future.

This is a first step into upgrading the usability of the back end. In the coming releases we will take more steps to make the back end work more effectively and easily.

Configurable personal learner advice

The automatic advice in the learning journey does not always fit all use-cases of our customers. Therefore there will be an expansion in the new release on the possibilities of the personal learner advice. It will be possible to determine when the advice box should be shown and how it should act inbetween activities. This is a great new feature when your courses don’t always have a standard sequence in activities or you just want to give your students more freedom in walking through the course.

We make it easier to activate activities from within the template

Adding activities to a published course can take a lot of steps. When you have a lot of courses created from a template, it could be useful to activate those activities directly from within your template. In the new release you will get a message asking you if you want to activate the activity in all courses made from the template. This should really speed up the process of adding activities to courses!

Details of access code groups exportable

aNewSpring users asked us to make it possible to export details of one or more access code groups. The export button on the Reseller page now lets you do that. You can select access code groups and then click Export to download a CSV file with the details in it.

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