New year, new app!

MemoTrainer app with aNewSpring functionalities

The MemoTrainer app will be enhanced with more aNewSpring functionalities. The new app will get a modern redesign that will completely match the already upgraded student experience in the browser. All content created with the plus-editor in aNewSpring works optimally in the app on your mobile screen.

The new app will still have the name MemoTrainer and the same MemoTrainer icon.

The learning journey within reach

The new app makes it possible to go through the learning journey on a mobile device. You can start the activities in the learning journey by using the app, which makes it possible to hand in an assignment, finish an assessment and even view the theory on the go.

Integrated Review app

Due to our new app, our Review app will become redundant. All of its features are fully integrated in the new app. The current Review app will still be available for a limited time.

Custom apps will be available from the beginning of 2016

It will be possible to have us develop a customized version of the new app in the beginning of 2016. Things like SSO, a link to an own URL and full branding will be possible. More information about this later!

What exactly will happen on the day of the update?

Students will be asked if they want to update the MemoTrainer app. If auto update has been enabled, this update will be done automatically.

Please note:

1) All possibilities in the course will be available in the app. So not only the MemoTrainer and extra exercises.

2) Custom apps will not be updated yet. This update is only for the aNewSpring app. Custom apps will be updated in the beginning of 2016.

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