Important changes for the students - Release July

Below you will find important changes for the students after the release in July.

The screenshots show a model look and feel. We will give every effort to migrate the color scheme and logo of your current look & feel as exact as possible. 

Course overview

Touch-friendlyness and responsiveness is very much appreciated by aNewSpring users, and expected from modern applications. That is why we optimised and refreshed the course overview. The student will see this modernized course overview after our new release. 

The course overview 

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

The course overview with expanded widgets 

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

The course overview with objectives

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

The course overview with discussions

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

What will change?

  • The learning objectives tab is implemented into the course overview and will be shown next to the new Learning Journey instead of seperate tab. 

  • The widget bar on the right side can now be collapsed or expanded. The course designer can determine which widgets should, by default, be either collapsed or expanded. 

  • The sharing tab and recent reactions are merged into one 'Discussions widget'. As it is now a widget, the course designer can decide the priority of the discussions.

  • A student can now decide to hide the MemoTrainer and 'Personal learning path' boxes. The boxes will reappear later on. 

  • A button below the Learning Journey line makes it easy to return to the Dashboard. 

  • In the activity box, the designer can choose to show the estimated duration of the activity and whether discussions within that activity are possible. 

  • Once an activity is finished, the results will be shown within the button next to the activity title. 

  • Reactions to discussions are now shown chronologic


On the login page you don’t want to distract a student from his or her first steps on the platform, so we centered the login box. It is now possible to show videos or images as a background here as well. Moreover, we moved the certificate checker to the top navigation bar.


We optimised the design of the dashboard. The courses are now shown as tiles and an image can be added. This makes the dashboard more attractive and apparent for students.

If demos were available on the homepage, they will be moved to the top navigation bar. When there are no catalogue products, this button will be named “Demos”, when there are catalogue products, the demos will be placed in the catalogue.

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

Further pages

Pages like 'Personal Data' and 'Communication Centre' all have had a visual boost. They now correspond to the new design of the course en content pages. The functionalities of these pages are still mainly the same as the preview here shows.

Example: The catalogue 

This is an outline, the end result may differ.

User tabs moved to navigation bar

To really have a student experience, we moved the functionalities of users other then student functionalities to the key button in the navigation bar. See screenshot below.

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Great changes!!! keep up the good work


Looks great. Can you send me this as a PDF file so I can circulate to my clients?

Paul, unfortunately we don't have this in PDF since the images are too long to fit the pages and to small to show all the details. You can send them the link to this page though?

Tx Stefan

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